Wednesday, 22nd of May

About us

The primary activity of the company «Algeal», from the moment of the formation and throughout 18 years, is plastic manufacture.

In this area the company masters technologies of moulding:

  • thin-walled products, including tight container in capacity from 0,125 to 0,5 l;
  • products with screw form-building surface;
  • completing products from plastic for the railway;
  • with the method of extrusia, various membranous production and high-pressure polyethylene for fishing industry, including, pellet loose leaves (350х950), loose leaves into a flank (630х1050);
  • wine stoppers, including, type "А-4";
  • plastic accessories for economic ware.

In the sector of manufacture of plastic accessories for economic ware, on the basis of eighteen years' experience, the company has achieved considerable results. It is one of leaders on the post-Soviet territory. The assortment of let out production is made more than 30 kinds of various handles for pans, teapots, frying pans etc. Our production has excellent quality of qualitative polymeric raw materials, is certificated and corresponds to all standards on ware on territory of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The output makes to 1,5 million piece a month.

All plastic production is made on the casting moulds designed and made on modern technologies on industrial base of the company.

Since 2009 the company has started manufacture development of ceramic decalcomania.

Possibilities of the company are not limited by it . The professional standard of workers, material potential of the company give us confidence at the decision of many other problems in these branches of economy.